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Textile and Application

The nanotechnology developed and use for textiles which has taken as its starting point applications for industrially produced fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk, and from synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. A major advantage of these treatments is that existing equipment can be used since the treatments are water-based. Mass production is thus easy to implement and outlays on new equipment are not required.

Another advantage of the nanotechnology is that while many traditional treatments use a binder or a coating to apply chemicals to the fabric in order to produce the desired function and feel, through nanotechnology, the chemical can be directly bound to the fiber or the agent and the fibers can be bound to each other. it represents the realization of highly durable agents and their methods of application. Changes in color and hand due to the processing are minimal, although this depends on the type of treatment.

• Water Repellence, Water Resistance
Nanotech is a proprietary technology to create, change and improve textiles at the molecular level it’s provide fabric protection, which provides cotton fabrics with water and oil repellency. Repellent products lower the critical surface tension of the fabric so the fabric does not attract stains or soil. Oil and water bead up and roll off the fabric. When a repellent finish is applied to fabrics, the invisible repellent finish provides superior water/oil repellency and protection.

• Stain Resistance
Nanotech twofold protection offers a unique balance of repellency that works in tandem with an advanced stain release. It enhanced fabrics liberates even the toughest stains in addition to providing repellent protection for cotton fabrics. Dual-action repels and release is the newest finish in the industry. The finish combines advantages of both stain release and repellent finishes into one. This twofold protection offers a unique balance of repellency that works in tandem with an advanced stain release, which helps to liberate the toughest stains including tough ground-in stains. With dual-action repel and release finishes, consumers get twice the stain protection in one easy-to-care-for fabric.

• Moisture Release / Breath ability
Wicking Technology / Moisture Release Feature., absorb perspiration into the fabric and pull it away from the skin giving the wearer a dryer, more comfortable feel. Provides synthetic fabrics with advanced moisture control properties allowing for quicker drying and improved comfort, , which creates the ultimate in comfort and luxurious performance by wrapping a cotton-like sheath around a durable synthetic core.

NanoTech Advance

• Anti-Microbial
NanoTech was co-developed to be safe, permanent and to utilize the oligodynamic effects silver has on microbes. The advancements come from silver nanoparticles integrated throughout the entire fiber, not just on the surface. This integrated technology is designed to create accelerated ion flux delivered through nanoscale particles to eliminate microbes and the odors they create.


In the future, one can expect to see the development of many agents and treatments based on nanotechnology. In theory, the development of agents based on nanotechnology has endless possibilities, and at present the application of nanotechnology to textiles has merely reached the starting line.